Loftomattic AUTO

The Facts

Easy, quick, safe

Fully automatic loft access

Ideal upgrade from all manual ladders

Self install or professionally fitted

Open your loft to everyone

Remote control for easiest access

Compact design to maximise space in your loft

Daily access to more storage and extra room

Quality toughened aluminium

Handrails for added safety and easy use

Weight capacity 23.6 Stone

Tread depth 80mm and width up to 360mm

Fits ceiling heights up to 2.95m

Fits loft hatches 55cm x 70cm and larger

DIY - build your own door to fit your hatch

Installation - we fit the door and AUTO for you

FREE delivery with all orders

Loftomattic AUTO provides all home with easy daily loft access. It has been designed to fit into the smallest of loft hatches and bigger, giving you an extra room and more storage at the push of a button.

Go AUTO today!

Click below for your choice of DIY or Installation.

DIY - Self Install just £599 inc VAT
Professionally Fitted from £899 + VAT